Our mission is to provide the general public and fellow dog-sport enthusiasts with education and training to develop an effective working partnership with their dog through games and reward-based training methods.

Carole Schultz, Training Director/Instructor

Training should be fun for both you and your dog. Positive Methods = Happy Dogs and willing partners, who are eager to learn & work. Our training philosophy is based on training dogs through leadership, games and reward-based methods to help build a better relationship with your dog. We’ll help you lay the foundation skills for the competitive dog or a great family pet.

Carole started training and professionally riding horses at a very early age. She was fortunate enough to have mentors who trained Arabian horses using positive methods through dressage, which was uncommon for that time. Her specialty for over 20 years was ground training, starting under saddle, Western Pleasure, and Reining.

For the past 30 years Carole has been training German Shepherd Dogs, instructing private and group lessons for the family pet, and those interested in competition. Her specialty includes puppy foundation training, preparing new handlers for competition and coaching dog/handler teams whose dogs have shut down in the ring.

Carole is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Carrie McCord, Assistant Instructor

Carrie has been assisting with group classes helping dog/handler teams with foundations skills necessary for everyday living and those preparing for competition. She is active in our community through the Police Athletic League. Carrie is currently a Junior at Stetson University, majoring in Accounting.

Cheri Tyre-Roberts, BA Exercise Physiology – AKC Agility Judge, Barn Hunt Instructor

Cheri has a lifetime of animal training experience. At 12, one of Cheri’s first jobs was being the sole foal handler (birth – yearling) for an Arabian/Turkana breeding farm.

She had a very successful career as head swim coach for 35 years – age group, high school, club & college. She has 25 years experience as a teacher. Cheri is a seminar presenter for skill progression in athletes.

Since retiring, Cheri has become a master student of agility. She has trained under some of the top performance trainers: Bonnie McDonald, Kathy Keats, Linda Mecklenburg, Susan Garrett, Daisy Peel, Bobbie Lyons, and Ashley Deacon.

Cheri brings her skills as coach, trainer, and athlete to our training program.

For an Agility judging assignment, contact Cheri Tyre-Roberts: coachx2@gmail.com

Gordon Roberts, Jr., MA Education – Barn Hunt “A” Judge

Once a coach – always a coach! Coach Gordon “Rob” Roberts is well-known for his extraordinary talents as head football coach, weightlifting coach and seminar presenter for 30 years. He was the Florida State Director of Weightlifting for 6 years.

Since retiring from teaching, Rob has found a new passion – Barn Hunt! Rob is a licensed Barn Hunt Level “A” Judge (Instinct through Masters Levels). We are fortunate to have Rob join our training program as mentor, trainer, and coach.

For a Barn Hunt judging assignment or to schedule a seminar/workshop, contact Gordon Roberts: coachgordonroberts@gmail.com

Lynn Weaver, Ed.D. – UKC Nose Work Certifying Official (Judge), Barn Hunt “A” Judge

Lynn’s career in dogs began in 1970 with the Baltimore City Police training detection and tracking dogs. She has also trained contraband and cell phone detection dogs for FDLE. Lynn is an accomplished horse person. She had an International Equestrian career which included representing the United States in 3-Day Eventing. She owns a commercial horse facility.

Lynn is a Scent-Sport Specialist in Nose Work, Barn Hunt and Tracking and has earned scent titles with various breeds including Yorkshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Great Dane, Dalmation, and German Shepherd Dog. She presently has fourteen scent titles, earned over three years on her dog Honeybear in AKC, CKC, UKC, C-Wag and BHA. Honeybear is also a Paws Reading Dog. Lynn and Honeybear are presently working toward Search & Rescue certification.

Since 2013 she has participated in educational events by Karen Shivers, Orrin & Susan Eldred, Ed Presnall, John Rice, Vincent Ramirez, and Robin Nutall. In 2014 Lynn won the Most Improved Team award at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) Camp.

Lynn has taught numerous seminars on Nose Work throughout the Southeast, including an instructor’s workshop for UKC Nose Work and seminars for Barn Hunt. In addition to teaching Nose Work, she also teaches tracking. Lynn is passionate about the magic of being a team with your dog as it works scent. We are thrilled to welcome Lynn to the Dare2Train team.