Nose Work Classes

Discover the wonders of your canine's scenting abilities through the sport of Nose Work.

New Session Starts Monday, Aug 21, 2017 6:00/6:30 PM

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Equipment for Nose Work

No special equipment is necessary other than a good quality collar or harness and a 6-foot leash. (No flexi-leads.) Nose work supplies will be provided at the first class. All classes will have the appropriate odor swabs available for students.


Who Can Do It? Everyone!

Nose Work is open to any breed of dog.

Nose Work is also great for Barn Hunt dogs. It will help the dog work the scent back to the source faster.

Follow The Nose – Introduction to Nose Work

Discover the wonders of your canine’s scenting abilities through the sport of Nose Work. Only one dog will be working in the ring at a time. Excellent for dogs with physical limitations, for shy dogs lacking confidence, dog reactive dogs, and owners who want to marvel at the ability of their dog to locate scents. Useful for people who lose things! You will learn how to teach your dog to locate keys, cell phones, etc. Class will teach the search command and introduce the first odor used in Nose Work trials. Handlers will learn to read and understand their dog’s body language while working scent.

6-week course – $80.00
Class Time: Monday @ 7:00 PM
Instructor: Lynn Weaver

The Nose Working

Prerequisite: Search command and ability to recognize selected odor unpaired.

Dogs already working Birch will be introduced to the seven remaining odors used by NACSW, UKC and C-wag. Containers, inside, outside and vehicle hides will be introduced. Additionally, elevation changes will become part of the search criteria. Handlers will begin to call “alerts” and develop an identifiable indicator from their dogs. Dog will be ready for ORT or Pre-Trial testing.

6-week course – $80.00
Class Time: Monday @ 7:30 PM
Instructor: Lynn Weaver

Nose Practice

Prerequisite: Dogs working two or more odors in high through low-hide locations.

Introduction of complex converging odor, reading air currents, and recognizing clear areas. Handlers will work on leash management and search patterns. Excellent preparation class for Nose Work Trials and dogs preparing for C-Wag video taping submission.

6-week course – $80.00
Class Time: Monday evenings as needed
Instructor: Lynn Weaver